Skull with Wings Memento Mori Vinyl Decal - Large 9”

Skull with Wings Memento Mori Vinyl Decal - Large 9”

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This listing is for a white vinyl decal sticker of our original ‘Memento Mori’ (Remember Death), featuring a winged skull and hourglass design from a New England gravestone.


One of my favorite pastimes is visiting graveyards and admiring the beautiful artwork on the headstones, memorials and statuaries. Honoring death is such a beautiful thing. New England especially has the oldest graves and some of the loveliest in the country, and i love the sentiment behind Memento Mori and Tempus Fugit (Time Flies) which reminds us that our time here is precious and that we all will have the same fate in the end. 


This sticker measures approx 4” x 9”


Our vinyl decals are long lasting for for indoor/outdoor use and they are waterproof. Place upon any clean, smooth surface (car window, laptop, book, etc). Stickers come with application instructions.

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