Thorn & Moon Floral Elixirs - Moonflower - Flower Essence

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Thorn & Moon Floral Elixirs are created by capturing the vibration and energetic imprint of the flower, and it’s essence is infused both by sunlight and moonlight. It is the only safe way to ingest certain magickal plants that would otherwise be unsafe for consumption. Elixirs are a blend of sun/moon infused flower essense, natural spring water, and brandy for preservation. You can take a few drops by mouth to enjoy the vibrational energy and benefits of the plant. Moonflower, in particular, is useful when connecting to the divine feminine, for deep emotional healing and letting go of pain from the past, and for shadow work and self-awareness. It is also known for prophetic and visionary work, and to reveal that which is hidden. The powerful lunar energy it holds can be utilized during moon phase spells and for all moon based magick. These elixirs can be used in various ways to bring you the vibrational properties of the flower: * One can ingest orally - it is recommended to take 3-5 drops as needed * One can anoint thyself * Put a few drops in your bath water * Candle magick - anoint candles * On poppets * Anoint ones place or objects - doors & windows, etc ... * Feed mojo bags * Anoint parchment papers of intent or petitions * In preparing witches bottles * In or on your wallet (cash) * On your lucky charms * To enhance your crystals and stones * To enhances your jewelry and talismans * To enhances your magickal tools * Other various magical needs This listing is for ONE 1/3 oz ( 10 ml ) blue glass vial with dropper containing a natural blend of spring water, brandy, and moonflower floral essence. Disclaimers: *contains alcohol * Do not apply to eyes, sensitive or broken areas or mucous membranes. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should not use. * Please keep all oils, perfumes, soaps, herbs and herbal products out of reach of children and pets! * Please keep oils away from your furniture for they are known to cause surface damage. * By law I'm required to inform you that these ritual oils are for entertainment purposes only and are to be sold as curios. * Thorn & Moon does not make any guaranteed claims as to the outcome and in no way is this to be used to replace legal or medical advice. * Thorn & Moon is not responsible for any misuse, or outcomes of this product. ~*~*~*~ International buyers ~*~*~*~ Please be sure this item is allowed to be shipped to your country before purchasing: