Astrological Crystal Grid - Engraved Birch - Zodiac - Natal Chart

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The crystal grid is a manifestation tool that joins crystal energy with sacred geometry. It is an arrangement of multiple crystals in a harmonic sacred geometric relationship, that focuses the energy field tuned to a particular need or requirement. This allows for vibrational interactions of crystal energies with the aura, spirit, and mind of the human body consistent with the prescribed healing and wellness design. With the amplified energy created with a crystal grid, we can focus our intentions for manifestation.

This Astrological chart / Zodiac crystal grid design is etched onto 8 inch baltic birch wood. It can be used on your altar or in your home to increase the positive energy of the home, raise vibrations for meditation, charge your crystals, or increase potency of directed energies in spell work. You can place your crystals and stones in correspondence with the signs on your chart, to customize your grid.

We always recommend bathing crystals in salt water and cleansing/charging by the full moon for maximum energy.


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