Thorn & Moon Money Magick Candle - Fixed Spell Candle

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The history of candle magick or fire magick can be traced back to Paleolithic times. Fire is a source of inspiration and its immense power that inspired awe and wonder from ancient man in the early years of our development. Candles are the physical tool to connect to the Element of Fire. This power to illuminate eventually took on a religious significance. In India, presenting an oil lamp in front of the God/Goddess is still practiced at home and in temples. In Egypt, the followers of Isis kept her temple lamps lit at all hours, both day and night, to symbolize constant hope and life in the afterlife. In Paganism the Sabbat known as Yule (Dec 20-23) involves candles used on the Yule tree. The Festival of Lights, the Sabbat known as Imbolc (February 2nd) and is the Fire Festival for winter purification. In Irish Celtic belief is all centered around Saint Brigid, the Goddess of fire, fertility, home and hearth, livestock, crops, wisdom and poetry. For Wiccans and NeoPagans, the ceremony of lighting a candle signifies the element fire as we call upon the elements to join us in our ritual and draw from their energy. Knowing what candle to light, when to light, moon phases, and what color to use increases the potency of the intent of the practitioner. This listing is for one (1) Money Magick Candle, which is a 4-inch jarred candle that has been dressed and charged with energy and the appropriate corresponding herbs and oils for it's intention. We have used basil, patchouli, cloves, and other proprietary oils and herbs, a citrine crystal shard, as well as a touch of copper glitter to attract the benevolent spirits and fairies to assist with the ritual. Suggested Use: Place the candle in front of you and light it. Close your eyes and begin to meditate on your intention. It is important that the images you project within your mind are clear and strong and that feelings you radiate are POWERFUL. Meditate in this fashion for 10-15 minutes and when you feel the energy coursing through you, open your eyes and begin to stare into the candle flame once again imagining those images within your mind and feeling those feelings you would have. As you stare into the flame place your hands gently on either side of the jar candle so that your palms are flat against the glass container. Begin to imagine your energies being transferred from yourself through your hands into the candle itself. This charges the candle with your intent. After several minutes, remove your hands and once again close your eyes. Begin your own methods of closing out your ritual and dispersing the energy that you built up from your body. Do NOT snuff out the candle and be sure that it remains lit. Pick up the lit jar candle and place it somewhere safe so that it will not topple or fall over such as a high dresser with a flat surface. Keep the candle lit and try to ensure that it does not snuff out as the burning candle flame is releasing the energy you placed into it. When the candle has burned all the way down you can safely snuff out the flame, and once that is done we would suggest that you wrap the candle in a dark cloth so it is completely covered and either store it away some where safe or you can bury it into the earth some where such as your back yard. Disclaimers: * Do not leave burning candle unattended, as it it possible for the herbs to ignite. *Please keep all oils, perfumes, soaps, herbs and herbal products out of reach of children and pets! * Please keep oils away from your furniture for they are known to cause surface damage. * All other items in photos are for props only. ~*~*~*~ International buyers ~*~*~*~ Please be sure this item is allowed to be shipped to your country before purchasing: