Handcrafted Silver & Copper Pentagram Wand - Clear Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone

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This listing is for a beautifully handcrafted copper Witch’s Wand, featuring lovely natural quartz points, and rainbow moonstone gemstone, sculpted in silver and molten metals with a decorative pentagram detail. 

Copper is known for it’s conductive nature, making it an ideal material for directing and focusing energy. The core of the wand’s copper handle is hollow, and is filled with ground magickal herbs - mandrake, wormwood, sandalwood, patchouli, and sage. The herbs will provide magickal potency to your workings as well as protection and healing energy.

Clear quartz naturally enhances and amplifies energy the goes through it, and this wand is adorned with a natural point on each end.

There is also a gorgeous 18x25mm rainbow moonstone adorning the top of the wand, which helps connect us to the moon and the divine energy of the goddess.

The one-of-a-kind wand measures 15” long by .75” wide, and at almost 4 oz, it has a nice weight to it, and feels powerful in the hand.

Wield with pure intention.



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