Thorn & Moon Golden Egyptian Altar Cloth

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In Ancient Egypt, Scarab beetles are representative of the idea of rebirth or regeneration, and are frequently seen on Egyptian amulets and artwork. There is also an ancient Egyptian belief that when a person died and went to their final judgment, the gods of the underworld would ask many detailed and intricate questions which had to be answered precisely and ritually, according to "The Egyptian Book of the Dead." Since many people of those days were illiterate, even placing a copy of this scroll in their coffin would not be enough to protect them from being sent to Hell for giving a wrong answer. As a result, the priests would read the questions and their appropriate answers to the beetle, which would then be killed, mummified, and placed in the ear of the deceased. When the gods then asked their questions, the ghostly scarab would whisper the correct answer into the ear of the supplicant, who could then answer the gods wisely and correctly.

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health, and is central focus in this Egyptian mandala design. The Ankhs represents eternal life, and signify wisdom and insight on the highest level.

This Egyptian altar cloth can be displayed on your altar to honor any number of Gods/Goddesses of the Egyptian Pantheon, or even displayed in your home as a beautiful piece of artwork.

This altar cloth is screen printed by hand on a delicate black cotton, featuring ancient Egyptian symbols in metallic gold ink - an eye of Horus, scarab beetles, lotus flowers, and Egyptian crosses, or ankhs. It measures 14" x 14". It can optionally be adorned with black crocheted lace trim, and with the trim measures 16" x 16".

*Please spot clean by hand with a damp cloth and mild soapy water*


*black trim may vary slightly*

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