Thorn & Moon Altar Cloth - Triple Celtic Raven, The Morrigan

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The Morrigan (also known as the Morrigu) was the shape-shifting Celtic Goddess of War, Fate and Death. She also presided over rivers, lakes and fresh water, in addition to being the patroness of revenge, night, magic, prophecy, priestesses and witches. The Morrigan appears as both a single goddess and a trio of goddesses. She is one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. The Celts believed that, as they engaged in battle, the Morrigan flew shrieking overhead in the form of a raven, summoning a host of slain soldiers to a macabre spectral bane. The Morrigan is an appropriate deity for strong and independent individuals. Many followers of the Morrigan erect a permanent shrine in her honor, using such items as bowls of brine and blood, the feather of a crow or raven, or even a piece of red cloth to symbolize the Washer at the Ford.

Ravens are found elsewhere through the Magickal world and mythological folklore. Both witches and the devil are said to be able to change form into a raven. It is a popular familiar and totem animal. The Raven was a favorite bird of the solar deity, Lugh, whose two birds attend to all of his needs, similarly to Odin, the Norse god, who has two ravens, named Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory). Ravens are messengers and symbolize prophecy. Because they are carrion birds, they also represent cleansing.

This altar cloth is screen printed by hand on a delicate red cotton, featuring an original triple Raven design that represent the Triple Celtic Goddess The Morrigan, in black ink. It measures 14" x 14". It can optionally be adorned with black crocheted lace trim, and with the trim measures 16" x 16".

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