12.4.22 Shadow Work with Baneful Herbs - with Coby Michael - Sunday Dec. 4th

12.4.22 Shadow Work with Baneful Herbs - with Coby Michael - Sunday Dec. 4th

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Shadow Work with Baneful Herbs

Class will be taught by Coby Michael, author of the book, The Poison Path Herbal, and visiting us from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Sinister Allies to Lead Us Through the Darkness
There are many different ways that a plant can be considered “baneful” or taboo. These qualities set these plants apart from those that humans are more comfortable with. How can connecting with these plant spirits through ritual help us work through some of the most uncomfortable and taboo aspects of life?

In this hour-long class, we will discuss the different types of “bane” and how those qualities give us a clue to that plant’s power. We will look at the occult properties of plants like deadly nightshade, foxglove, rose, and bramble and how they can be used to empower and uplift during the darkest times.

We will discuss safe ways to work with the magickal energies and spirits of these plant allies in ritual for shadow work, transition, transformation and healing.

Attendees will each be creating their own “baneful” flower essence formula to take with them.


Class is $40 per person and is limited to 12 seats.

Class will take place at:

Thorn & Moon Apothecary 113 E. 24th Street # A, Houston TX 77008

Sunday Dec.4th


*street parking is available, and additional parking available in parking lot at the corner of Yale St & E. 24th Street